Academics for Companies (AFC) is a student organization with the mission to bridge the gap between the academic and business world. AFC facilitates this transition through a variety of activities centered on three key pillars: "Explore, Learn, Apply." These pillars are represented by three major activity categories: Events, Projects & Workshops. Participating in AFC activities is a great way to meet and network with other like-minded students and experts in the field'.

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Afc Leuven Serior Partner
Afc Leuven Serior Partner
Afc Leuven Serior Partner
Afc Leuven Serior Partner
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Our Events help you explore what’s going on in this innovative, creative and vibrant world by covering a wide range of hot topics.

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Afc Leuven Workshop


Our interactive Workshop Tracks learn students new soft skills that will help them in their further personal & professional life.

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Afc Leuven Project


With a Student Consulting Project, students can apply their skills through creative and qualitative projects for companies active in various sectors.

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