Women In Leadership


In Belgium, women obtained the right to vote in 1949. This should have given women a voice in a patriarchal society. However, even now there still is an inequality between men and women. This inequality is especially notable in the business world, be it in unequal payments or less likely to give high positions to female employees. Nevertheless, some women have succeeded in this environment full of men and have climbed up to the top position. Gender equality is becoming the norm and more and more women are entrusted with a powerful position.

Consequently, the gap between male and female workers is decreasing. To maintain this positive change, people must be aware of the inequality that is still remaining. This way, one can actively work on reducing this inequality. That is why we want to invite both male and female students to come to listen to the problems that women are still dealing with in the business world and how to make them disappear.

During this event, several women will be invited to talk about the difficulties to reach that top spot and their experiences as a woman in the business world. At the end of the event, there will be a reception with a networking possibility for students.


March 29, 2022 8 p.m.



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