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The story of AFC Brussels dated back in 2019, marking an important milestone of AFC’s expansion strategy after its 12 years of success in Leuven. AFC is a student association for and by students, empowered by a mission to minimize the gap between the academic and the business world.

Senior Partners Brussels
Afc Brussels Serior Partner
Afc Brussels Serior Partner
Afc Brussels Serior Partner
Afc Brussels Serior Partner
Afc Brussels Event


We believe in the importance of exploring genuine interests in order to envision and get ready for future careers. This is why we shape our events as unique opportunities for students to have direct contact with companies in different sectors.

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Afc Brussels Workshop


Our interactive workshops form the perfect addition to students' academic training. The workshops are bundled into a Track where students can sharpen their soft skills around a certain theme, which are useful in any career.

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Afc Brussels Project


Our projects offer students the experience to work in a consultancy environment in multidisciplinary teams. To get the best out of this opportunity, students will apply their knowledge into practice and tackle a firm’s challenge.

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