Academics for Companies (AFC) is a student organization with the mission to bridge the gap between the academic and business world. AFC facilitates this transition through a variety of activities centered on three key pillars: "Explore, Learn, Apply." These pillars are represented by three major activity categories: Events, Workshops, and Projects. Through these initiatives, AFC aims to provide students with the opportunity to explore their interests and passions, to improve both their hard and soft skills, and finally to apply this know-how and academic knowledge to consulting projects. In addition, participating in AFC activities is a great way to meet and network with other like-minded students and experts in the field.

We are a group of students from different faculties. There are eight teams: HR, finance & legal, IT, marketing, ER, events, workshops en projects. We also have a president and a vice-president.

We organise activities that cover a wide range of interests. The main ones are : events, workshops and projects. Want to learn more? Take a loop at our highlit 'AFC' for mor information! Feel free to browse our site.

We have departments in Brussels, Ghent and Leuven. In Leuven we recently celebrated our fifteenth birthday!

If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact us on Instagram or Facebook! Want to contact one of our teams or team members, take a look at Contacts


AFC Events are themed and feature several (expert) speakers who share their insights and knowledge. Attending students get the opportunity to both listen to and meet representatives form different companies and sectors in order to envision their future careers. This is the perfect opportunity for students to broaden their interests and explore new, interesting topics. Our events are free and reach between 50 and 200 students from all different backgrounds. Additionally, each event is followed by a reception which allows students to expand their network.

Yes! Registration is free, but required for practical reasons. The registrationlinks can be found on the facebook event page or the website.


During an workshop, we focus on soft skill development. Each workshop track consists of three workshops involving a central theme. At the end you will receive an official certificate.

Yes! Registration is free, but required for practical reasons. The registrationlinks can be found on the facebook event page or the website.

Every student can join regardless of the courses you take or the school you go to! However, you have to send us a motivational letter and resume so we can select our participants. Don't worry, your motivation is by far the most important.

When registering you send us your resume and motivational letter. These are very important to us as they allow us to carefully select our participants. Only 25 students can attend a certain workshop.